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In This ConvertKit Review, We Ask:
What Is "ConvertKit"?

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ConvertKit is an Email Marketing Tool that enables you to grow your audience, automate your marketing, sell your digital products to subscribers, and send multiple emails on autopilot. Marketing bloggers and marketers have used ConvertKit for years, and some have made big money. In this ConvertKit Review, I will show you exactly what they did to achieve that!

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What I like best about ConbvertKit is that you can start for FREE! That allows you to grow your marketing and email list and get used to the interface of ConvertKit. If you want to see an introduction to ConvertKit, you can watch this introduction on YouTube below!

ConvertKit Start For Free by SCServYou can have up to 1,000 subscribers in your Free ConvertKit account without paying one single dollar or even leaving your credit card details. There is no risk for you!

However, I have to point out in this ConvertKit Review that the free version is limited compared to the Pro version. Whit the free version, you can:

  • Create Opt-in Forms
  • Get up to 1,000 Subscribers
  • Send Unlimited Broadcast Emails

For an excellent free tool! Upgrade when you like the service and have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Table below is showing the Convert Kit Pricing and before we talk about all the features, the Pro Version contains, let’s talk about pricing first! There are two Plans, and the price reflects on the number of subscribers you have on your entire list. They are Creator and Creator Pro

ConvertKit Pricing by SCServ

The Creator Plan | Starting at $9 / month

With the Creator Plan, you have all the functionalities to automate and grow your email list. The difference from the Free Plan is that you can send automated sequences. That is a great way to monetise your list on autopilot and, at the same time, help your subscribers.

The $9.00 per month applies to a maximum of 300 subscribers. This amount is used when you pay per month instead of per year. When you pay per year, you get two months free. You will automatically be charged with the new pricing when you grow bigger.

Here is an overview of the pricing plans when you get the Creator Plan:

The Creator Pro is for people that make use of Facebook Ads. However, when you select the Creator Pro plan at ConvertKit, you can create custom Facebook Custom Audiences. Use the Newsletter Referral System and Subscriber Scoring and access to Advanced Reporting. We will discuss all these features in this ConvertKit Review.

Regarding the cost above, consider our News Post on ROI (Return Of Investment); you can find the formula to determine when to break even and when you start making a profit.

Click here…

How to measure roi by SCServ

Which ConvertKit Plan Is Best For You

You can start with the free plan when you don’t want to start with automated sequences (that means that you will send automated emails a few hours or days after someone subscribes). When you grow to 1,000 subscribers or use automated sequences, it is time to upgrade to the Creator plan. Also, upgrade to the Creator Pro plan when you start advertising on Facebook.

I use the Creator plan, and I love it! So, let’s talk about how you can get started and what is possible with ConvertKit.

How To Get Started With ConvertKit

Click on ConvertKit Sign Up Page and select the Green Button “Get Started For Free.” Answer the questions and create your login details without leaving your credit card details – that is a first.

Create A ConvertKit Landing Page

Now you are in your account. You can watch the instruction videos or get started right away. So we can create a form to embed in a website or a landing page by clicking on “Create Landing Page.”

Click on the Picture to start:

It is a matter of change. You can choose between multiple landing page templates. The images, colours, and adjusting the input fields to your wishes. For instance: First Name and Email address.

Share Your ConvertKit Landing Page

When you complete your design, you can share the landing page anywhere on the internet and mobile texts. You can put it into your Instagram description, share it on WhatsApp and text messages, place it on your website, or email it to friends.

And when people click on your link, they go to your landing page. When people decide to leave their name and email address, you have a new subscriber -voila, easy as that.

What Do You Have To Offer?

Work out why people would subscribe to you. You have to give them a reason. One can be that they will receive news updates about what you do – for instance, sharing updates on cryptocurrency or keeping people updated about your newest blog posts, products or articles – anything that makes news and is engaging.

Broadcast your Emails

Now that your email list is growing, you can start sending broadcast emails and specify to whom you send them. Maybe you have multiple landing pages – one about cryptocurrency and one about stocks. You can decide that you only send a broadcast email to the Crypto subscribers. You can achieve this with the free version of ConvertKit that enables you to have up to 1,000 subscribers.

Free 14-Day Trial For ConvertKit Creator and Creator Pro

If you are ready and want to take it to the next level, you can upgrade your free ConvertKit plan to the Creator or Creator Pro plan with a 14-day free trial. You now have 14 days to grow your email list without paying a single dollar. Note that you will be charged for the first time for the plan after 14 days unless you cancel.

  • Get a Free 14-Day Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Cancel any time

Email Automation / Email Sequences

With ConvertKit Creator and Creator Pro, you can send automated emails in a sequence. That means that when someone subscribes to your email list, you can decide to send them a personalised email back. For example, greet them by their “First Name” after a few hours, a few days, on a specific day of the week, and then send follow-up emails on autopilot based on your setup and preferences.

Any new Subscribers appreciate the value of the specific subject they are eager to learn more about. You can decide that everybody that signs up gets an automated email from, say, the following Monday and, from that moment, a sequence of emails every few days.

If then, in one of the emails the Subscriber purchased, you can start changing the line to another email promotion, for example, with an affiliate link. That way, people can buy one of your affiliate products on autopilot as long as the new subscribers are not unsubscribing from your email list.


Automated Rules

In this ConvertKit Review, I show you how you can help your subscribers receive the correct emails with automation rules. If you have an email sequence with ten emails trying to sell a course, and after three emails, a subscriber decides to buy that course, the Subscriber does not require to receive the other seven emails.

So you can create a rule that says that when a subscriber accepts the course, he will be removed from that email sequence and added to a new email sequence designed for people who enrolled in your class. That is the power of automation rules.

Automatic Rules have two items:

  • Triggers
  • Actions – “When this happens, what action should follow?”

With Automated Rules, we can:

  • Give people that click on a link in your emails a particular Tag and a Call that the Subscriber is “Interested.”
  • Add people with a particular tag to an email sequence or remove them from an email sequence.
  • Add people that followed through a complete email sequence to another email sequence.

With those tags, we can send an automated or broadcast email to a specific group of people.

Visual Automations

Creating Visual Automation. ConvertKit makes it even easier for you. In the beginning, that looks a bit overwhelming and has, in my opinion, the most significant learning curve, but it is also potent!


ConverterKit Integrations

ConvertKit can integrate with a lot of big names in the website industry. So when people buy something on your website or fill in a contact form, you can ensure they have been added to your email list. Here is an overview of integrated software for ConvertKit.

Email Templates

We can change the style of emails we send to subscribers. There are three options. ConvertKit is known for its simplistic design. Maybe some don’t like it, but it has proved that it converts better.

How To Use ConvertKit Effectively

Suppose the product is attractive and trendy. For example, give away free digital or physical items through an email sent out with ConvertKit, and in exchange, they have to sign up and subscribe to a list.

In that case, you could have around 30-50 people subscribed to the subscription in exchange for the free article, document, “How-To” article, a list of tax expenses deductions, product manuals, etc. – you get the idea, and your list will grow steadily.

When the opportunity comes that you can offer a discount on any subscription or an introduction offer, send the proposal out to the subscribers and inform them of the one-off not to miss deals.

If the deal is only available for a short period, send a reminder(s) before the offer expires.

So What Do You Do? Three Things:

  • Offer something unique for Free and, if possible, around an affiliated or a product you earn money.
  • Start creating videos or postings introducing and discussing the product to trigger curiosity.
  • And when the opportunity arrives that a discount is available, send a broadcast email to the list of people excited about the product, software or article. Send them a link to purchase with the discount offer and lead them through your affiliate link.
ConvertKit Conclusion by SCServ

ConvertKit Reviews Conclusion

You will agree that ConvertKit is a great tool to build an email list, help marketers and businesses to autopilot and make a lot of money simultaneously. In this ConvertKit Review, I showed you how it is easy to use, and you can start for Free. After you grow, you can upgrade to the ConvertKit Pro Plan. There are many ways to earn money back on your plans – a so-called ROI (return on investment).

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ConvertKit Pros & Cons


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  • How to price your products or services so customers will flock to work with you

And when you sign up using the Button “ConvertKit Sign up”, you get free training and resources that can help you learn more about growing and monetizing your business.

You’ll also find out about resources AND exclusive opportunities on the webinar to help you continue growing your business.

Do you have any advice for us? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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We’ve also got a special eBook for you.

eBook-logoWe appreciate you reading our Article. We sincerely hope that was useful to you. Additionally, if you want to learn about any additional product reviews and writeups, please do not forget to sign up for our newsletter.
We’ve also got a special eBook for you.

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