My Story as a Professional Entrepreneur Coach

Oh, hi there

My name is Beat, and this is my page.

I’m a professional Entrepreneur Coach, Social Media Coach, and Web Designer that gets a lot of satisfaction from coaching others.

Every assignment requires me to go above and beyond. I value the use of cutting-edge technologies to address problems. I’m thrilled to learn new techniques, as well as to grow and acquire new skills.

I appreciate learning about other people’s hobbies and project ideas. In this ever-expanding design world, meeting new people and hearing their perspectives broaden my vision, which I find quite enjoyable.

I’ve been designing websites for customers since 2001. In 1970, I started as a toolmaker, then moved on to drawing, computers, AutoCAD drafting, and network design, and now I strive to assist people to achieve their goals. I help with business setup. Setup of social media, blogs, and website design.

My passions have always driven my career.

In my professional life, I’ve always been self-motivated. I can assist entrepreneurs with their start-ups and advise them on the correct route, as well as create and guide them for their websites and Social Media Presents that matter, utilising all of the information I’ve gathered over the years. To accomplish this goal, I focus on the most critical objectives, develop unique looks, and, if necessary, implement new techniques. Because there is such a wide range, my passionate desire to research new technologies encourages me to keep going.

I prefer to think of myself as an artist who is unique and creative. Because of my insatiable curiosity, I analyse current trends beyond work on websites, TV shows, and other media to create beautiful things to share with the world!

Please contact me if you feel I am a good fit for your project, and we can talk about fresh creative ideas and how I can help.

Life is too short not to have fun. As a result, a humorous edge shows regularly in my work. As a result, I eagerly await our dialogue.

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Learn How to Become An Entrepreneur and start an online business in 2023.