How to setup a YouTube Channel For Creators 2023

YouTube Channels can be started and developed by creators.

How to Launch a Successful YouTube Channel in 2023

With the help of this YouTube Guide, you may learn while setting up your channel and expanding your subscriber base. Additionally, YouTube is a fantastic platform for video artists.

YouTube Camera by SCServ

One of the finest jobs in the world is that of a creator

While doing what you love, you have the opportunity to influence the lives of thousands of others. But let’s face it: being a creative has its own unique set of difficulties. You must find strategies to stand out in the loud digital environment in order to connect with your audience.

Producing content where your audience hangs out is the greatest method to connect with them (apart from your email list). Given that YouTube is the second-largest website in the world, there is a high probability that people of your target audience are browsing the site and seeking for videos related to your field.

You may expand your audience, build your brand, and, most importantly, have a bigger effect by starting a YouTube channel.


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Is it too late to launch your own YouTube channel? This YouTube Guide will help you.

Jawed Karim, YouTube’s co-founder, posted the first YouTube video roughly two decades ago. YouTube, unlike side parts and skinny jeans, is not going out of style anytime soon. According to Statista, YouTube’s user base will expand from 2.24 billion in 2021 to 2.85 billion by 2025. Creators will have no difficulty reaching their desired audience as YouTube continues to grow.

Brittany Darrington, a ConvertKit creator and business and marketing consultant, launched her YouTube channel in 2021. She has a little more than 450 followers and is already reaping the rewards of her YouTube channel:

“In less than four months, YouTube quickly generated leads for our email list, resulting in almost $6,500 in income.”

It also gave my audience a preview of what they would enjoy in my courses, memberships, or coaching packages.” – Brittany Darrington

Deborah Ashley, the founder of Thrivoo, has debuted her channel in September 2021. She notes that, while establishing her channel forced her out of her comfort zone, she has already reaped the benefits:

“Starting my YouTube channel five months ago was awkward, difficult, and terrifying, but it has already paid off.

It has increased brand recognition, as seen by the increase in views on my channel and LinkedIn connections.” – Debbie Ashley

Is it too late for you to jump on board? Apsolutely not!

Why should you post videos to YouTube?

Although YouTube shows no indicators of slowing down, there are numerous other reasons why launching a YouTube channel is a good idea.

1. You can strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Each member of your audience like to absorb material in a unique way. Some people enjoy watching extensive, in-depth YouTube videos. Others enjoy short and snappy videos, such as Instagram Reels or TikToks. And some love reading blog postings.

By providing numerous mediums for your audience to consume your videos, you can strengthen your connections with everyone, regardless of their preferences.

But keep in mind that your ultimate aim is to funnel everyone from each content channel (i.e., TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, your blog, etc.) to a platform you own, such as your email list, landing page, or website.

Brittany Darrington increases her email list through YouTube subscribers by marketing her lead magnets in her videos:

“YouTube is a fantastic lead generator.” My business will build its email list by giving content and encouraging members to check out my lead magnet.” – Brittany Darrington

PWD blog cta landing pages

Make contact with your target audience.

With a free ConvertKit account, you can engage with your followers and develop your enterprise by sharing what you love.

2. Small niches can flourish

Gaming, pranks, comedy, and family vlogging were the most popular topics on YouTube in 2021, that doesn’t imply your material has to fit into one of these categories to be successful.

You have a tremendous opportunity to reach your audience, regardless of how esoteric your speciality is, with over 2.24 billion people utilising YouTube.

Take The Typewriter Collector, for example.

SCS The Typewriter Collector
Image via Typerwriter Collector.

The Typewriter Collector fixes and sells ancient typewriters, which is probably not something most people think about on a daily (or even yearly!) basis. However, his videos receive thousands of views, demonstrating that no niche is too tiny for YouTube.


3. You can boost your revenues.

While it allows you to reach your target audience, YouTube can also be a money-making machine for creators by:

  • Ads
  • Brand deals
  • Product sales
  • Affiliate marketing


You can make money from YouTube videos in the same way that you can from your blog. YouTube provides a variety of ad formats from which creators can choose, including:

  • Skippable video advertisements
  • Non-skippable video advertisements
  • Bumper advertisements
  • Overlay advertisements

An overlay ad can be seen in action on the YouTube video How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author:

SCS How to Write a Book
Image via How to Write a Book
SCS How to Write a Book description

Ad earnings vary widely, and YouTube does not reveal how much various creators earn. However, YouTuber educator Greg Preece performed some research and discovered that the average cost per mille (CPM) for YouTubers playing advertisements in 2020 was $7.56, implying that the average YouTuber could make $7.56 for every 1,000 video views. Keep in mind that this is a preliminary estimate, and your CPM will vary.

With the info above, Jerry Jenkins’ profits on YouTube might total 2.8 million x $7.56 = $21,701.

Brand Deals

Working with companies is a profitable side income for creators, particularly those without their own items to advertise (yet). Consider collaborating with businesses to create unboxing videos, product testing videos, product placements, or product tutorials. When YouTubers collaborate with a company, their videos will include a disclaimer, like YouTuber Jimmy Tries World video does.

The BEST MacBooks to Buy in 2022
Image via Jimmy Tries World

Use this YouTube brand deal calculator to see a (rough) ballpark for how much you can earn. When choosing brands to work with, be sure it’s one your audience will be excited to learn more about so your videos generate views and interaction.

Daily Video Views
YouTube Calculator

Product Sales

Make videos about your items to urge people to buy them. Jana Bishop, a photographer, distributes Lightroom Presets and makes movies to demonstrate photographs created using her presets. Viewers get to witness her product in action, which makes them feel more at ease with bringing out their credit cards.

Lightroom Pre-sets Products
Image via Jane Bishop


Affiliate Marketing

Another appealing way to earn money, if you don’t have your own items to sell, is to promote ones you use and enjoy and make a fee through Affiliate MarketingKatie Stickly explains her three favourite podcasting microphones in her YouTube video about podcasting microphones, and she offers affiliate links for two of the mics in the video description.

SCS Katie Steckly Product Sell 2
Image via Katie Sticky

Discuss what you like and hate about particular items in your affiliate reviews and the reasons you believe your audience would find the product appealing.

Five steps to launching a profitable YouTube channel.

Step 1: Determine whether you are ready.

Before jumping headfirst into a new creative endeavour, consider if you’re ready. As a creator who currently has numerous plates spinning, consider whether adding another dish to the mix would result in tiredness or even burnout.

However, if you have the time and energy to work on another project, answer the following three questions:

  • Am I enthusiastic about generating videos for my audience?
  • Do I have anything I’m eager to share with others?
  • Am I willing to learn along the way?

If you answered “yes!” to all of these questions, you’re ready to launch a YouTube channel.

It’s important to note that just because you’re ready to start a YouTube channel doesn’t imply you’ll feel confident and comfortable right immediately, and that’s okay! Your confidence will build as you produce more videos. Nerves are typical; don’t let them stand in the way of your YouTube channel.

Step 2: Register a YouTube channel for your business.

To begin, sign in to your Google account and click the link to create a new YouTube Channel. If you don’t have an email or want to use a different one, establish one before proceeding to the YouTube Channel creation.

PWD YouTube Channel signup
Image via Google

After you’ve logged in, click your photo in the upper right corner to see the flyout menu, then select Create a channel.

PWD Create a Channel

Add a channel name and an image first. Consistently use the same name for both your channel and your brand. Your audience will find you much easier if they enter the name of your brand into YouTube’s search bar.

You can upload an image of yourself or your company’s logo. Then, click Create Channel.

Your channel is now live. However, there are a few more steps to do. Select the Customise Channel button in blue.

PWD Customise Channel

By clicking here, you will access YouTube’s studio and all of its branding possibilities.

YouTube Studio Setting
Image via YouTube

While in the Layout tab, you may establish a Trailer to provide a preview of your channel with potential subscribers, a highlighted video to Returning subscribers, and organise the Sections on your channel’s homepage.

As a sample:

Lauren Toyota’s vegan YouTube channel, Hot for Food, features a trailer before her video category for those who haven’t subscribed. The trailer introduces viewers to her channel and urges them to subscribe. And thanks to YouTube’s function, we replace the trailer with a featured video, such as one promoting your premium products, for those who have already subscribed.

Lauren’s trailer or featured video is the video under her banner. Lauren adds sections to popular categories beneath to ensure that readers see her greatest articles.

SCS Hot for food YouTube Popular Recopies
Image via Hot for Food YouTube


Update your profile photo, add a banner image, and apply watermarks to your video using the branding area.

PWD YouTube Studio Branding
Image via Hot for Food YouTube

PWD Canva logo gradient

Canva’s YouTube banner designer can assist you in creating a stunning banner for free (no design skills required).

Basic Information

In the third tab, submit your channel’s description and links to your website, and request that we MM create a landing page for you or utilise ConvertKit landing pages to capture leads and your email address.

You will not be able to change your YouTube URL at this time. According to Google, URL personalisation requires creators to satisfy specific requirements, which include:

  1. Have 100 or more subscribers.
  2. An account that is at least 30 days old.
  3. Have an uploaded profile picture
  4. Have an uploaded banner image.

Check back when you’ve met the criteria to modify your URL.

Step 3: Authenticate your YouTube channel.

Verifying your YouTube account

You may verify your account with as many followers as you like. Uploading custom thumbnails, live streaming, disputing content ID allegations, and publishing films longer than 15 minutes are all possible with verification. All you need to do for verification is add a phone number to your account. Click here to begin the fast verification process.

YouTube Verification Badge

Note: Different from just verifying the channel. The YouTube verification badge provides your account with the ultimate credibility, showing the world that YouTube has confirmed you are who you say you are. Not everyone can get it. But for those who are eligible, it’s a critical YouTube milestone. Here’s a scaled-down list to get verified:

  • 100,000 Subscribers.
  • Be who you say you are.
  • Have an active, public, and complete channel.

See the details here.

Step 4: Collect all of the essential equipment.

Now comes the fun part: shooting your videos. Let’s go through some necessary video equipment that can help you create professional-looking videos.

Quality Camera

If you don’t want to buy a new camera, utilise the built-in camera on your smartphone. Buy a Mobile Phone Station:

A way to set up a Mobile Phone Station.

However, if you’re in the market for a new camera, here are a few top recommendations:


The microphone you buy is determined by the type of content you intend to film. If you want to perform a lot of voiceovers, a USB microphone that connects straight to your computer, such as the one below:


Unless you want to film daily vlogs (in which case you will hold the camera), a tripod will free your hands and stable your camera. Here are some possibilities:

Lighting & Backgrounds

Don’t forget to spend money on good lighting for your presentations. Good lighting transforms your videos from dull to bright and clear. Here are some possibilities:


Video Editing Software

Your computer most likely came with pre-installed video editing software that allows you to do simple modifications like adding text, cutting and cropping, and slowing or speeding up sections of your footage. That may be all you need to make YouTube videos, but if it isn’t, consider investing in professional video editing tools. Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editor for beginners and novices that includes tools such as masking, double exposures, and automatic editing.

Free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming OBS Studio:

Link here
PWD OBS-Studio

Step 5: Plan and film your content.

After gathering your equipment, you may begin preparing (and eventually recording) your videos. You’re more likely to upload frequently and build a dedicated following if you have a solid plan.

Brittany Darrington believes that her biggest mistake in launching a YouTube channel was a lack of strategy and consistency:

“My biggest mistake when starting with YouTube was not having a strategy or being consistent.

I started planning my topics for the entire month and recording my videos in batches. Content creation needs to be planned, so it’s not random and consistent, so your audience stays engaged.

Now, I have a dedicated day just to record YouTube videos, plan, research, and everything else that is YouTube-related.” – Brittany Darrington

Utilize YouTube’s scheduler to publish your videos after preparing and recording your video. You won’t have to worry about ever missing a beat this way.


You can make 10 different types of YouTube videos.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of ten various types of YouTube videos you may create for your channel. Remember that your channel may be a mix of numerous sorts of videos or it can focus on just one. It’s completely up to you!

1: How-and to's tutorials

If you have in-demand talents to educate your audience, create tutorials and how-to videos for them to follow.

The video by DIY Tyler shows viewers how to create and build a Screen Porch on a Deck without Attaching it to the House.

The key to creating an excellent tutorial is to grab viewers by the hand and guide them through a procedure that they would not be able to finish without your coaching.

Here are some more samples to get you started:

2: Tips & Tricks

You may share rare information with your audience and help them accomplish a task better by sharing your most incredible tips and tricks. Katie Jobling Art provides acrylic painting advice to assist visitors in learning the dos and don’ts of acrylic painting.

Image via Katie Jobling Art
Here are some more samples to get you started:

3: Vlogs (Video Blogs)

A video blog (also known as a vlog) is when you share your daily life with your followers. People tend to identify vlogs with influencers and famous people, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a vlog that highlights your unique day-to-day experience. Shantanu Kumar’s vlog depicts a regular day in the life of a graphic designer, from the time he wakes up until the moment he completes his assignments for the day.

Image via Shantanu Kumar
Here are some more samples to get you started:

4: Product Overview

Compile your favourite items in a given category and explain why you like them. Jeff Fallout’s video discusses numerous goods from The Art of Sport’s product collection, offering his honest assessment of each.

Image via Jeff Fallout

When evaluating items, present an unbiased assessment and describe what you like and dislike about each thing you mention. Being truthful will make you seem to your readers as a reliable source.

Here are some more samples to get you started:

5: Product Reviews

One of the most trustworthy types of social evidence is reviews.

Create content that people are already looking for: 89% of buyers read online reviews before purchasing, allowing you to drive views and traffic to your channel by writing product reviews.

Near two million people have viewed Brad Colbow’s assessment of the reMarkable2 tablet, in which he discusses who this tablet is for and, more importantly, who should not buy one.

Image via Brad Colbow
Here are some more samples to get you started:


6: Unboxing

Unboxing videos are similar to product reviews in that they focus on the complete experience of using the product—from its packing to how it functions right out of the box. Unboxings provide viewers with an unedited look at the merchandise.

Create a compelling unwrapping video that covers all parts of your buyer’s experience, from pre- to post-purchase. As a gimmick, iJustine shows how to open an Apple iBook G3 from 2000.

Image via iJustine
Here are some more samples to get you started:

7: Behind-the-Scenes

Sharing behind-the-scenes footage of your life and business provides viewers with a fresh viewpoint on something they may be unfamiliar with. Andrea Eppolito’s video explains the complexities of becoming a wedding designer in Las Vegas for those who aspire to work in the field or have a keen interest in luxurious weddings.

Image via Andrea Eppolito
Here are some more samples to get you started:

8: Music Videos, Lyric Videos, and Visualisation

Upload music, lyrics, and visualizer videos for performers and bands. Include links to buy your music in the description of your video so that viewers know how they can support you.

Amanda Brown has a YouTube account where fans can see lyric videos and listen to audio of her current songs. “Stand Up” from the movie “Harriet” – Sample

Image via Focus Featurers
Here are some more samples to get you started:
How to setup a YouTube Channel For Creators 2023



9: Reactions

Record yourself reacting to something popular in your industry. Your viewers will feel as though they are enjoying the experience with you as they watch your film. Fuel Your Future, a graphic designer, videos himself responding to logo ideas, throwing his expert thoughts throughout each reaction.

Image via "Fuel Your Future"
Here are some more samples to get you started:

10: Series

Make lengthy content material into a series to keep your audience coming back for more. Rather than posting a single large video, divide it into smaller segments. These movies are ideal for artists, large DIY projects that take weeks or months, and courses. Tawnee Corning, an artist and painter, utilises her YouTube Channel to present brief samples of her work:

Image via Tawnee Corning

“I upload process videos of my paintings, and people appreciate viewing the process, so they subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates to follow along and see the completed product.” – Tawnee Corning

Here are some more samples to get you started:

Five easy ideas for maximising your YouTube channel.

Experimentation, like other aspects of being a creator, is essential. You’ll never know what genuinely works unless you give it a go. However, even if you’re just starting out, these five ideas will help you make the most of your channel.

1: Convert visitors into email subscribers

While YouTube is an excellent platform for growing an audience and, as a result, your business, it is still rented ground. Furthermore, you must contend with YouTube’s algorithm to get your material in front of as many subscribers as possible each time you publish.

What is the solution? Encourage your YouTube viewers to join your email list.

Nick True, a YouTuber, produces lead magnets for specific YouTube videos. In those videos, he refers viewers to his ConvertKit landing page, where they may sign up to receive the gift. This allows him to engage directly with subscribers and pitch them his products.

So, while your subscribers may just be subscribers, for the time being, they may someday convert to paying clients.

2: Search engine optimisation for videos

Fill in the blank spaces in your video’s description, tags, and title with relevant keywords. Adding keywords assists YouTube in determining where to place your video in search results so that searchers may find it (also known as YouTube SEO).

Adding keywords will also help your videos appear in Google search results, giving you a better chance of attracting your target viewer and gaining more subscribers.

3: Include a call to action in each video.

What do you want people to do when they see your video? Use a call-to-action to provide viewers with specific instructions.

Here are some more samples to get you started:
  • Add a card to your YouTube videos to highlight a video, playlist, channel, and link if you’re a Partner Program member. Request that viewers visit the link.
  • Ask viewers to like your videos or leave a remark to encourage engagement.
  • Urge that people subscribe to your channel.
  • Encourage individuals to join your email list by including a link to your opt-in landing page in the description of your video.
  • Promote a product you offer and include a link to your ConvertKit Commerce landing page in the description so visitors can purchase what you’re marketing.

Note: To add info cards to your videos, see the Google instructions; however, note: to place a link in the Videos, you need to join the YouTube Partners Program, which requires you to be eligible:

  • Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have a linked AdSense account.

To add info cards to your videos, see the Google instructions.

4: Mail video links through your email list.

Launch your YouTube channel by advertising it to those who are already interested in your brand – your email subscribers.

Create an automatic email sequence that promotes your YouTube channel to new email subscribers. Then start sending out popular and follow-up videos to convince viewers to subscribe to your channel.

5: Redistribution of your Videos

We appreciate it when creators work smarter, not harder, which is why reusing your material is critical.

TikTok, Reels, and YouTube shorts may be used to rejuvenate videos. To satisfy visitors who prefer to watch rather than read, publish full-length videos on Facebook and Instagram TV, and include them in your blog posts.

Lights, camera, action!

YouTube is the ideal platform for video content creators, and the most significant thing is? It is not too late to launch your channel and increase your audience.

And, by inviting YouTube viewers to join your email list, you’ll always have a consistent means to reach out to subscribers to promote your latest videos.

Do you have any advice for us? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

PWD blog cta landing pages

Make contact with your target audience.

With a free ConvertKit account, you can engage with your followers and develop your enterprise by sharing what you love.

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